Seeking inspiration!

I'm kicking around ideas for a CNC conversion to my 6 x 26 knee mill.
I want to retain the hand wheels for manual use and ideally want to
disconnect the stepper motors to remove the magnetic steps when in
manual mode.
I need a neat method to connect/disconnect a timing pulley from the
shaft it is running on. needs to be 100% positve action and minimal
Any ideas chaps? links etc
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Bob Minchin
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I've done that using a push in plunger in the handwheel to engage a hole in the tooth belt wheel behind. The tooth belt wheel actually had many holes so it would locate in many locations. This wasn't for a CNC conversion but a drive to the cross slide for a crude tracing attachment, you engaged longitudinal feed and the tracer handled the cross slide feed. Worked well for what I wanted it for.
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David Billington

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