Source of imperial sized oil seals?

Anyone know of a supplier of the above, preferably mail order? I have a couple of feed gearboxes to rebuild and they could do with renewed spring-lip seals, but I can only find metric sizes locally. I guess all the car and bike restorers must need these seals regularly, so perhaps they know of a few suppliers. Shaft sizes from half inch up to two, location NW London.


-Neil F.

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neil f
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See if you can find a Payen outlet, they used to do huge amounts of gaskets and seals, we have the Payen seal data on our web pages, so if you can find a size you can also find the vehicle it fits, only for 1940's to 1950's though...


-- Peter & Rita Forbes Engine pages for preservation info:

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Peter A Forbes

Any bearing supplier.e.g. Wyko,BSL etc regards,Mark.

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Mark McGrath



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who are distributors for a vast range of seals and gaskets etc.

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