Imperial oil seals. Where to get?

I appear to be in need of a couple of 7/8"od 3/8" id oil seals. All of my usual suspects, Arceurotrade, Cromwell, J&L, RS, Farnell, Chronos. seem to either not do oil seals or only do metric ones. I suspect that Wyko could get me some, but might get pissed off at such a small order. I spent £24 on belts there today and would have asked for the seals If I'd known about them earlier.

Anyone know who does imperial oil seals in onsey twosey quantities these days?

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand
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Wyko. They've never complained when I've asked them for odd ones, mind you I do spend hundreds with them on some occasions & they know my face. First place to try (or BSL or any bearing house, though I don't like the local BSL)


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Tim Leech

what about a motor factor? they stock parts for old cars - imperial. My local one is very helpful, even when its not a car part, they have big catalogues of things. I suspect if you knew a part number they could get ones or twos no problem.

hth Dave

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dave sanderson

There is a section on Payen oil seals on our website with dimensions etc:

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We also have the rest of the app's info, haven't had time to input all the data yet. Peter

-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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