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I have a set of lathe tools with triangular replaceable tips The tools are just under 1/2" square.

I have seen plenty of the diamond shaped replacement tips but not seen any of the triangular tips.

Does anyone know a good place to get these, and how do I identify then so that I am sure that they are the right ones.



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Stewart Bryant
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Chronos sell both sorts.

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Airy R. Bean

It would depend if the holders are designed for inserts complying with ISO standards. Just about all my toolholders are Stellram which I believe use proprietary inserts.

You may find dimensions on one of these sites.

formatting link
formatting link

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best guess.....

the insert is probablt a TPUN style, andd may be specified as follows

TPUN-16 - 04 -04

style of insert - lenght of side - thickness (as a code i think) - corner rad

try looking at the j&l website

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you should be able to to find something that will suit your needs there


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Tim Bird

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