Too many magazines?

I have just decided not to renew my subscription to EIM,
because it had degenerated into a "samey" magazine, with
the same articles going on for months at a time, part 37 of this
steam engine, part 118 of that traction engine, and so on.
ME is little better and no longer available on the shelves of
my local WHS (Small wonder at their recently declared
trading position?) and the most recent copy of MEW that I saw
lacked the technically exciting articles that were its genesis and was
full of drib-drab chit-chat.
Perhaps there is room in the market these days for only one
magazine because the available articles are thinly distributed?
I have some ME from the late 50's and early 60's, when it was
a fortnightly publication, and they are excellent issues; full of topics
on radio control, tool-making, model boats as well as the
eternal part 99's of everlasting and tedious steam engines.
Perhaps it is time to revert back to a single publication, and,
because of its ancestry, that publication to be ME?
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Airy R.Bean
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I gave up on ME and EIM years ago, I subscribe to Australian Model Engineer, in my view it's what ME and EIM should be aiming towards!
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Peter Sheppard
Perhaps you could lend me a copy next time I see you at Nev's in your shiny BR uniform?
Yours etc, "The Fat Controller"
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Airy R.Bean
i dont buy magazines anymore, too many adverts and not enough content
stick to the internet its much better value
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