Torx machine screws?

I'm looking for a supplier in the UK for Torx headed metric machine screws.
I need M3 and M4 in a variety of lengths from 10mm - 20mm, countersunk flat
heads and button or cap heads.
I'm also looking for 3mm Torx headed fasteners for plastics.
Textron only seem to do these kind of screws with Torx Plus heads and I'm
not sure the older "star" Torx tools will fit.
If anyone could point me in the direction of a suitable supplier in the UK I
would be most grateful.
I'm looking for quantities of less than 100 in each size.
Nigel Mellor.
email: nigel mellor ronime com
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Nigel Mellor
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for the following part numbers:-
262-5847, 262-5651.
This will bring up prices for button head and countersunk torx screws respectively in A2 stainless. Also available in BZP.
Non-account holders can order on-line with a credit card.
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