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Been looking at Warco's "VMC Turret Mill":

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in their catalogue and website. Does anybody have any experience o Warco mills (maybe not this model) - are they any good, value-for-mone etc etc or should I be looking elsewhere?

Cheers, Pau

-- Mr Cran

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Mr Crane
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Many many years ago (perhaps 25) my first 'mill/drill' was a Warco import that got me started into this ever growing obsession with machine tools. It did exactly 'what it said on the box' but had severe limitations due to the round column / lost location issues discussed here at length ad infinitum. It was very good value for money, and for it's price remarkably well finished. Since then I've had many interactions both first hand and through friends with Warco and Roger Warren, and I have been very impressed by the companies attitude to customer service, and Roger himself is very helpful and approachable. Many companies import seemingly very similar machines, however not all are prepared to stand behind their sales in quite the way Warco do. You must choose a machine that suits your application, but I have no hesitation in recommending the company.


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Andrew Mawson

My experience with this company would echo Andrews exactly.

If you do a search for Warco or VMC on :

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you will be rewarded with hours of very useful reading and many opinions.

In my opinion the VMC is a fine machine and superb value for money, while Warco might not be the very cheapest supplier they have first class customer service and provide excellent after sales support.



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I'd agree with Andrew & Keith, Warco are an excellent company to deal with.

I had a VMC, bought new, but then sold it within a year. Nothing wrong with it per se, in fact it is an excellent small machine, but the problem that I had was some larger parts I had to make, and the

6"-61/2" travel limit in the Y axis was an issue.

It was sold to another member of this newsgroup (I hope he has been quite happy with it), and I bought a Bridgeport which suited my tasks better.

However I'd still be quite happy to recommend both the VMC and Warco.


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Peter Neill

I have the Warco A1S (bigger than the VMC), which I don't think is made anymore. Very pleased with it over the last 4 years.



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I've got a VMC which I've had for three years. I bought it becaues it was the smallest machine which had a rising knee instead of a falling head. I'ts bigger than it looks in the catalogue but I've found it to be an excellent machine - as accurate as I'm capable of being.

Bera in mind that if you go for DRO, machine vice, rotary table, autolock chuck etc the final setup costs a lot more than the basic catalogue price.

Warco is an excellent company. They delivered mine to Brighton ready assembled on its stand which saved a lot of time and effort.

I'm happy with both company and machine.

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Norman Billingham


I bought Peters VMC and I`ve been very happy with it. Its a good accurate machine. I added a DRO (from Allendale} and I`ve found it a grat machine.

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Paul M

Bought a lathe from Warco, the machine and service from them was excellent, dont ask why but bought a 626 milling machine from Chester. The service was rubbish, had a day off work when it is due to be delivered and it didnt turn up, the machine needed a new spindle because the R8 socket was undersize and the tooling wouldnt fit, the paint was very thin and chipped after a few months and the whole head of the machine had no rigidity about it so that if a clock was held in the spindle and the head was pushed it could be deflected by .020" I sold it in the end and bought a Bridgeport. The Warco VMC looks very similar to the Chester 626 but i think it's better built and finished off and it depends what you want to use it for, but you do get a lot off machine for your money. My advice is to go to Warco's show room and see the machine under power.

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