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From: "Dave Croft" Subject: Re: "British Standard Shelving" Date: 20 October 2008 20:32

> Hi Andrew, seeing all the racking shown in the various replies I am surprised that >> the shelving I have been using for the last 45 years is no longer sold by anyone. >> I just dived into the workshop & took a couple of pictures. Sorry about the mess.8^) >> See >>
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> & >>
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> Does anyone know if this old type is still available? It has lasted well for
45 years.
> -- >> Dave Croft >> Warrington > > There's a nasty and persistent pop-up ad page associated with those pictures Dave. > Martin

Hi Martin, I am afraid that is because Webshots has started to add this to people who are not paying their charges. I agree with you that it is far too much & this will trigger me to get my finger out & give them the good B8llocking I have been thinking about. Dave Croft

I posted to them "I find the current situation for any non subscribers trying to view anything I post is totally unaceptable. It is starting to get me thinking of changing my photoviews supplier & many other people are of a similar opinion. The adverts totally prevent viewing of the picture & are far too much. I think you may soon find anti-webshots groups starting."

They have just replied, "Hello, We really appreciate your suggestion and will forward it to our Content Managers. Please let me know if you need additional assistance. Thank you, Your Customer Support Representative"

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Dave Croft
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Fingers crossed then. Thanks for taking the time to follow this up. Martin

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Martin Whybrow

I don't see any of the nasties on the site because I've got addresses such as ad.doubleclick.net and so on redirected to It does make their site look a bit like a colander though, since most of the stuff there is from one spyware company or another and I've got just about all of them blocked.

Mark Rand RTFM

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