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Happy New Year All!
I'm trying to source a small supply (3-10) of small metric Woodruff keys in
the UK
Most seem to be sold in selection boxes but even then, I've found few metric
and none containing the size I need
3mm x 10mm is the size as shown here
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Any info on likely suppliers would be most helpful.
BTW the application is a Kity woodworking machine where unhelpfully, the
combination of the design and the jobs I do on it require regular exchange
of the keyed hub. The shaft is located over the sawdust shute and despite
care, I've lost one and down to my last one.
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Bob Minchin
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Not sure if that's the size, but they do also have metric assortments
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Tim Leech
Is it not a simple matter to machine some off from a bit of round bar?
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Airy R. Bean
Tim Leech wrote in message ...
Thanks Tim,
J&L was the first place I looked but in my oldish paper catalogue where they only listed imperial sets.
Now that their online catalogue seems to be usable, I'd better dump paper and stick to online.
Thanks Again
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Bob Minchin

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