ISBMR 9th Course: Biophysics and Structure, Erice-Sicily, 22 Jun-2 Jul '09

We like to bring to your attention the 9th Biophysics and Structure
Course of the Int'l School of Biological Magnetic Resonance (ISBMR).
We kindly ask you share this information with graduate students,
postdoctoral fellows, and other colleagues and interested individuals,
particularly in the areas of Structural Biology, NMR, Biophysics,
Crystallography, Computational Biology, and Biochemistry. Details
COURSE TITLE: ISBMR 9th Course: Biophysics and Structure
WHEN: 22 June - 2 July 2009
WHERE: Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture,
Erice-Sicily, Italy.
formatting link
formatting link

* COURSE FORMAT and PURPOSE: The format is an Advanced Study Institute
(ASI). This course will provide an overview of physical and
structural methods in biology and will present technologies related to
pathogen detection and treatment using these methods. Both, basic
principles and concrete examples will be presented in a long course
format. It is an ideal course for graduate students and postdoctoral
fellows. Please note that the structure of the course provides a
great opportunity for young scientists to present their work.
TOPICS Include: Principles of NMR spectroscopy; Principles of X-ray
diffraction; Single-molecule methods; Cryoelectron Microscopy;
Molecular dynamics and other computational approaches; Mass
spectrometry; Use of NMR data to calculate protein and nucleic acid
structures; New RNA and protein NMR methods; Viral pathogens;
Bacterial pathogens; Antivirals; Ribosome structure; Translational
mechanism and antibiotics; New technologies to study proteins; Solid
state NMR; Peptides as drugs; Membrane proteins as drug targets;
Structure-based drug design in biotechnology; NMR and physical studies
of pathogenic proteins; Coupling genomics and structural studies.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications are now accepted online:
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Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
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