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For the general usages of EPDM, I can't imagine that either of the additives would be compatible with the EPDM, so I can't imagine what purpose they would serve. They would increase costs both for the raw materials as well as the compounding step. Adipic acid would be low enough in molecular weight so as to be mobile and would diffuse out.
That said, there may be cases where someone would want to take advantage of these lousy properties. I worked for a short while in developing security labels that could be used to authenticate products ("genuine GM parts!" for instance) or to indicate tampering. It took me about 6 months to realize that the key to doing well with these products was to make really bad products, but make them consistantly bad. For example, to make a tampering label, use good adhesive but such a weak labelstock that no one in their right mind would use it. But since it seals a label or box seal, it's so weak that no one can possibly peel if off intact, thereby providing excellent security.
That might be the kind of application that is going on here. Something very speciallized and unique in application.
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