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Hi to all,
Can anybody please suggest me good universities for Polymer science for
doing MS. I am aware of Univerisity of messachussets,
eastern michigan unversity
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Chico State in Northern CA.
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L Alpert
University of Connecticut is a good school for Polymer Science. There's good research done at Stanford & Caltech too (Grubbs, the Nobel prize winner is a prof at Caltech).
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A Espinoza
One more thing. Don't waste your time getting an MS. Go straight to a Ph.D. program. An MS in poymer science is not very useful.
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A Espinoza
There are a number of good schools: Pennsylvania State University Southern Miss. NC State- Material Science Also in Textile chemistry and Polymer Science NC Chapel Hill UC Santa Barbara
It really comes doen to your interest
Contrary to popular belief you can be successful with an MS. Unfortunately not all programs allow MS. It all comes down to how hard you work, and your eagerness to learn.
Have fun
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Virginia Tech
v> Hi to all,
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A Espinoza
Add Case Western. I studied chem. there but they do have a good polymer science dept. Frank
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Frank Logullo
Most of the academic polymer research is done by people that are not in polymer science programs. Instead they are in the ChE, ME, Chem, ... departments. If you can join them, you will have a broader education which is far more valuable than a departmentalized one. (Been there, done that, enjoying the rewards immensely.)
Specialization is for insects.
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