I have to wright a paper about polystyrene. I need information, much much information, about the productionprocess, reactionmechanism and so on.

I only find applications about PS but i need global information. I don't need the info that polystyrene is a thermoplast and the properties about thermoplastics but only things that are specific for polystyrene.

Thanks alot,

hope to hear something soon

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Certainly the university library would have better references than anything that can be told to you over an email. Not everything is on the net (yet).


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John Spevacek

Yes, Even though it may seem easier to look up infomation on the web, going to the library is the best thing. A simple college textbook on polymers and one book on polymer applications in industry will give you everything you need to understand and write your paper in one package. Then, you can go onto google to look for specific types of info and pretty pictures to show the reaction mechanism etc.

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Ronit Morris

To Ronit:

Thank you--at least a few people have the nerve to tell people to go to the library and look it up--seems like too many people want someone else to do the work for them.

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