steam molding polystyrene

I am looking for some info on hobbyist steam molding of styrafoam
starting from the raw compressed styrene pellets, and using steam
to expand them. I have the basic info but am wondering if anyone
here has experience doing this already or knows some detailed info
on steam pressure/temperature/time etc related to expansion size
of the styrene pellets, also if there are any biodegradable
I am thinking of using a wood mold filled with partly expanded pellets,
and then putting that in a steamer for 1atm steam to expand the pellets
further to the shape of the mold, and then if necessary either a vacuum
or drying stage afterwards. I think the styrafoam could develop
significant force so obviously the wood mold would have to be
structurally strong enough to not break from the expanding pellets.
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Jamie M
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Seeing as how you can't even spell STYROFOAM correctly I am dubious about your claim about having basic info. I am even more dubious because it took me less than 5 minutes online to learn all the answers to your questions. Perhaps a little research would do you some good. Eric
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Uh, since we're being picky, those pellets are not "Styrofoam," and any information you found had nothing to do with Styrofoam.
Styrofoam is a trademark for extruded, close-cell polystyrene plastic foam. The pellets are expanded polystyrene beads.
Just being fussy here...
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Ed Huntress
Yeah, I know. I shoulda said I was using Styrofoam the same way folks use Kleenex. But stryAfoam? Sheesh! Eric
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Well, not being a sterling speller myself, I guess I'm more sympathetic. Sympathetic I am to those who eschew spell chuckers, as well as Microsoft's grammar (really syntax) chucker, which disapproves of my carefully wrought anadiploses. d8-)
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Ed Huntress

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