Question about Mark-Houwink parameter of polystyren and polyisobutene in THF at 30 or 35 degree.

Hello! Everyone
we have interest in calculating molecular weight of polybutene(PB)
which have Mn=3D 450~2,400(g/mol) range.
So, I think it is necessary to prepare Polystyrene standards having
Mp=3D162 ~ 20,000 for 3um column set and Mp=3D162~90,000 for 5um column
I happened to know that other group is using modified universal
calibration(Mark Houwink correction method) to calculate molecular
weight of PIB(Polyisobutene).
They use PS standards as calibrants and then correct against known PIB
standards to reflect the PIB Mn with =A5=E1 and K values of PS, PIB
As you know, modified universal calibrtion use Mark-Houwink equation.
So, Would you please give me a information about =A5=E1 and K values of PS
standard, PIB in THF at 30=A1=C9or 35=A1=C9
Could I also get the documents or references invoved.
Thanks a lot
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The Polymer Handbook by Brandup, Immergut and Gruelke has the most complete tabulation of this information that I know of. The book is an excellent investment.
That said, I could only find the values for PS in THF at 25 C. K =3D 11.0 x 10^-3 ml/g, alpha =3D 0.725. From A. L. Spatorico et al., J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Phys. Ed., vol 11, (1973) 1139.
I could not find any values for PIB.
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