SAN-acetone interacation parameter

Hi, everyone, I want to obtain the interacation pameter between a random copolymer (Poly(styrene-stat-acrylonitrile), with AN=28wt%) and a solvent (acetone) at 298K. Doese anyone familiar with this system?

Thanks Micphase

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One or both of these books could be helpful: "Handbook of Polymer-Liquid Interaction Parameters and Solubility Parameters" and "Handbook of Solubility Parameters and Other Cohesion Parameters" both by Allan F.M Barton. Both books list for nearly $400 on Amazon, so if you can access them through a local university library, you can save a few bucks. And I'm not even sure that the SAN-acetone system is listed in them, but it would be your best bet.

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