seek hi-temp porous polymer membrane

seek a "gore-tex"-like fabric that can withstand very high temperatures for an industrial application. The Gore company sells stuff that is spec'd up to 550 F. I'd like to go a bit higher.


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Ceramic fiber or fiberglass.....


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No polymer-based fabric will go as high as Gore-Tex, which is essentially not-quite-Teflon. 550F happens to be the sintering temperature of Teflon. Polyimides might get somewhere close (still lower). What is the application? Glass fiber will go much higher - it is available woven and non-woven. Usually used for insulation, I've used it up to 500-600C.

The special thing about Gore-Tex is both it being fluorinated (low wetting) combined with the porosity. Tiny capillary spaces + low surface energy = very difficult to get a drop of water through. However the high porosity also makes it 'breathable' because gases can pass surface tensionlessly through the pores. If these properties are what you are looking for, you won't find anything higher temp, sorry.

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Correction - sintering temp of Teflon is 380C not 280C. Gore-tex is much lower because the fluoropolymer is only one of the components.

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You might check out some of the inoganic polymers to see if they have what you need. I think Dow had something a while back. By using boron, silicon, phosphorous, etc, there are some polymers that have been made which might have the temperature range you need. Carbon fiber might also do something for you, though I doubt that you can get the great properties of Gore Tex.

What properties are you looking for? flexibilty, insulation, breathabilty, high temperature?


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Herman Family

We have fabrics made of Polyoxadiazole fibers. They can withstand operaton up to 600°F (315°C) and for a short time even 650°F. These are not membranes.

Please keep in mind that the thermal stability of a polymer is function of temperature, time and chemical conditions ...

For more info - send email to pkuziw at albarrie dot com

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Peter Kuziw

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