Synthesis of polyurethane foam composition

Dear Members, I wanted to synthsize flexible polyurethane foam(PUF). Though I have tried out different appraoches like taking equimolar concentrations of Diisocynate and ployols ( used Ethylene Glycol and also tried out with castor and oil and poly ethylene glycol). Catalyst ( TEMED) and blowing agent (water) and silicone surfactant.Though I could observe PUF, it forms as brittle kind of foam ( If I press litlle hard the foam is breaking) and where as in the case of castor oil the PUF is extremely flexible but the foam is very less. Can some one please post or send me the method of synthsizing flexible poly urethane foam.

Regards KoteswaraRao

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Try a US patents data base search for ideas:

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polyurethanefoam(PUF). Though I have tried out different appraoches like tak= ing

You need to carefully calculate the required isocyanate from the equivelents of the polyol side. Add more water to he castor oil based foam and accordingly adjust the catalyst to get a stable foam. If you need more information, contact me by mail. Regards

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