Water based adhesive for Neoprene ?

Neoprene made from an emulsion by the so-called "dipping process" seems to be a particularly difficult material to glue, presumably because of the surfactant residues which interfere with the (toluene based neoprene) glue. In line with upcoming legislation, I need to replace the toluene solvent with a more benign one. All water based neoprene adhesives I have tried fail to give the required bond strength. Only toluene seems to swell the neoprene enough to overcome this effect and allow a good contact with the glue. Any other suggestion ?

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Contact DuPont-Dow Elastomers. That is why they have tech service people. Surfactants on the surface of the neoprene should wash off. Neoprene emulsions are crosslinked so the polymer is not really soluble but may be swollen/plasticized by solvents. This would help adhesion. Frank

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Frank Logullo

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