What's PVDA - polyvinylidene acetate?

Have you ever heard about PVDA - polyvinylidene acetate? I have
searched in the web and in some text book but I can't get more than the
molecular structure. Can anyone give some advice what kind of material
is this or where can I get informations?
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H Jorge
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I have noticed some interest in copolymerizing and/or blending PVAc (or other acetate-containing material) with PVDF, but no mention of PVDA itself in the literature. From this I conclude that PDVA is a known polymer resin but has no distinct applications that have been discovered as of yet -- maybe you can be the first!
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Thanks for your help, Ed. Actually, I've built the same opinion as you. Let see what it's can be made with this material...
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H Jorge

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