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Help for extrusion flow problem
Hello Im new into extrusion and need some help Om extruding pe with a self made extruder i have lots of hdpe and few ldpe my need is a soft flexible end product is there a way to make hdpe as soft and...
How to remove cement from plastic
Please how do I remove cement from plastic windows
Need help finding the right urethane
I'm trying to find a cast-able urethane that is: 1) FDA biocompatible (iec 10993) for skin contact 2) RoHS compliant (no mercury) 3) compatible with hydrogen peroxide (30%) solution. Could someone...
Instron Bluehill2 software demo or Time limited version
Hi all I am looking for a demo or time limited version of an Instron software to run under any version of windows for controlling our Instron 4400 to give it a try. Any help will be appreciated....
heat set adhesives
Is there an adhesive (say a silicon heat set type) that is liquid out of the container at room temperature, but will air try to at least "tackiness" in a few minutes, or dry altogether, then set when...
How to cure diluted PDMS with solvent
Hi, I am doing some work with adding on a thin layer of PDMS that is diluted with a solvent (DCM, THF, 1,4-Dioxane) on a silicon wafer by spin-coating or drop coating. My problem is that I have...
what grade of Delrin are suitable for ultrasonic bonding process?
Anyone know that what grade of Delrin are suitable for ultrasonic bonding process?
Bubbles forming during pebax reflow
Hello All, I have a catheter process creating bubbles in the catheter walls. The process is essentially pebax onto pebax reflow (fusing). There is a SS braid in between the pebax materials and FEP is...
Hello, I was hoping someone could tell me where to commercially purchase HYPOL pre polymers to make hydrophilic foams. I would like to use it in soils for propagation in a greenhouse. Thanks Jay W.
Bonding / potting PVC + Polyethylene + Polypropylene
Hi All - I hope someone here can help with some advice or point me in the direction of a more suitable Usenet group. I'm looking for a potting compound to seal a cable where it enters into a machined...
A stable permanent material that has the properties of firm Gelatine(Gelatin) ?
By using half of the proportion of water (as advised in the formula for use in a culinary setting) you can end up making a very firm slab of gelatine (Gelatin). This suits my purpose HOWEVER being as...
inner diameter tube polyurethane coating
hello! i would like to get some advice on what type of resin should i choose. i want to make a resin coating on the inner diameter of a tube. The way the coating will be made is the following....
what melamine overlay paper is made of?
hi I want to design my own melamine overlay paper for dinnerware, but nobody in my area knows or is not willing to give info on how this is done. I do not want to put the design on the finished...
is there another type of primer that i can use other than poly tak i have to cover tubing 18 inahes long i have to buy a quart from poly tak
Request for advice on increasing the solids content of SBR latex from 50% to 65%
Hello Everyone! I wish to seek the guidance of this esteemed fraternity on the process of increasing the solids content of SBR latex from 50% to 65%. The SBR currently available used a synthetic...