Found wrap text parameters, how to automate?

It may not be new, but on my drawings I can right click on a parameter in a table and select wrap text. Is there a way to make this automatic?


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T Bennett
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Not that I know of. This is as far as Pro/e's text formatting goes. The best you can do is select a column and RMB 'Wrap'. And this still leaves adjusting the cell height to fit the wrapped text as a manual operation. BTW, select one of these 'wrapped' cells and RMB 'Properties'. You'll see that this wrapping does no more than you'd do if you hit carriage return to make the text two lines. But, it never becomes a property of the table itself, so if you change the column width to accomodate wider text, you still have to manually wrap each cell or column again. I thought, at first, that I remembered being able to set a repeat region to wrap text when a table was placed but I couldn't confirm this. And, given the other limitations, I seriously doubt it.

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David Janes

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