Please remind me how to do this?


Could someone please remind me how I can create a cut (either rectangular or triangle profile) from the bottom to the top surface and along the edge of a conic shape (cylinder with 5 degree draft angle). It looks like a knurled knob.

Advance thanks for any kind of helps.

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but unable to pattern it around the cone surface (ref from the center axis)!

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Thank you for your help.

Using your sweep cut method, the cut surface is at an angle

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and not parallel to the end surface of the knob. Is there a way, to make a sweep cut similar to the one shown with the cut surface parallel to the end surface of the knob?

Advance thanks for your time and help.

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I've found that for some reason if you radially pattern a datum plane, it will not reference it properly past 180 degrees in future features. If you want 1/2 a days worth of frustration, try it. If I had to do somethintng like you describe, Iwould try and group all the features, and then pattern the group, but it still might not work

cheers Craig

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Yeah, I'd forgotten that one ... which is why, when I have to pattern something 360 degrees (at least if it's an even number) I usually mirror the original sketch about the rotation axis and then pattern the pair around 180 degrees.

I guess the root problem is that Pro considers a circle in two halves. All sorts of rules-of-thumb have been suggested here to get around this problem but the incredible thing is that PTC never seem to fix it. It's not exactly unusual to pattern through 360 degrees (it's arguably the most common pattern) and yet Pro makes such hard work of it. I would have thought that it was common enough that, if necessary, PTC could make a unique menu item for it to give it special handling.

Incidentally, I don't recall this being a problem in earlier (18 or

19) releases. Can't recall where it crept in. It certainly is a major pia.
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Sid Herbage

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