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IGES or STEP both communicate 3d data, are recognized national standards and are widely supported by all CAD/modelling software.

David Janes

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David Janes
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Ask them to type IGESIN or STEPIN at the command line. I think all recent versions (since R14, anyway) supported IGES and the most recent ones (I thought 2000 would) will support STEP without purchasing an optional Data Exchange module. (I could be wrong about this as I always used MDT which may have added the translators.)

Also might be of use;

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runs a free bi-directional STEP / SAT translation service. I don't remember exactly how to navigate to it, but I think it was under "Repository" if you can't find a direct link. I don't know what the (or if there are) file size limitations are.


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Jeff Howard

You can export Pro/E-files to IGES, STL, SET, VDA-FS, PDGS, STEP and VRML.


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Johannes Pietsch

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