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Hi folks.
I have to export my files (parts and assemblies)
to provide data to my customers.
But i don't want they could see the geometry "inside my models".
I tried to use
"File- Save a copy - shrinkwrap format"
to create a shrinkwrap file.
And "File - Save a copy - iges format" to export in iges from shrinkwrap
Any other smart idea?
Thanks in advance .
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Pier Dil
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It would help to know what happened when you "tried to". Shrinkwrapped data is only useful if someone has Pro/e at the other end. I've never heard of doing Save a Copy on a shrinkwrapped model. I've always done the export from the original model/assembly; STEP is also a viable, widely used and easily imported format that merges all the features in a single featured solid. For an IGES export, be sure to check the shells and solids boxes.
How much do you want to hide? Do you want to turn your assemblies into a single, merged part or preserve the components? Pro/e IGES exports preserve both. But if you export it as an IGES, then open it again as a part, not an assembly and resave it as an IGES file, it will default to opening as a single part.
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David Janes
You can make a simplified rep showing only the components necessary then create the IGES or STEP file.
David Janes wrote:
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Hi just to explain the point better : I have to export the model data in a standard format (iges - step). But I don't want to share the internal geometry of my model or internal components of my assembly. So I get the shrinkwrap model and then I read this model in my ProE and I export the iges-step file. Is it the only method ?? The Simply Rep is not an easy or fast way to do the same thing. Pier
MarkP ha scritto:
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Pier Dil

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