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How export an assembly and maintain the color of each individual component of the assembly? I already know how to maintain the levels. I work in a mold shop and I have export iges files into mastercam for the moldmakers so if they need more info than the drawings provide they can access a data base. If I can provide colors to the different components this will help them greatly! Any advice is greatly appreciated! This will get the shop guys off my back! BIG TIME!

Desperate in Minnesota!

P.S. I am using Wildfire 2.0 Mold Design on a Winows 2000 system

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Not something I'd paid much attention to, but it appears that....

.I assume the colors will have to be assigned at the part level; e.g. not in the assembly. That's what I was working with, anyway (and using WF2). .Of the available IGES export options: ..Flat - single part on import vs. assy, colors are translated (I was reading back into Pro/E). ..All Levels - you get an assembly, but colors are lost. ..All Parts - you get the stuff to build an assy (they'll have to import each prt iges) and colors are translated.

Maybe you can wrangle something useful out of that. (Guess they don't have a STEP translator?)


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Jeff Howard


ProE should export the colors associated with the model, assemblies included. I would look at how Mastercam treats the import data, in case someone missed a colors setting that may exist.

Also, if the shop guys are having trouble separating the various parts in the assembly, you can also make sure you are using layers in ProE. If you assign features to their own layers and also use the following config pro option - intfl_out_auto_layers_id - ProE will automatically number the layers during the export translation. Once imported into Mastercam, the shop guys can choose which features to see by turning layers on and off.

You can also chose this setting manually when exporting, btw.

I am assuming Mastercam recognizes layers.


P.S. If this message gets posted twice, blame my fat fingers. I think my first attempt is somewhere in electron hell.

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