Pro/E-based Designer/Modeler/Drafter Seeking work in Southern California Area

Greetings and Good Day to ALL!!!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ivan McKinney. I am a Pro/E-based
Designer/Drafter. I have worked in a variety of companies and industries. I
am a good andtimely worker who makes a special effort to be on friendly
terms with every one possible.
In addition to Pro/E, I have other possibly valuable skills related to:
Documention, Illustration, 3D Visualisation, and Image Editing which might
be a "Value-Added benefit to any company or industry.
I seek, and am open to, a variety of work scenarioes: W2 Contract, W2
Direct, and in this troubled economic climate, I'm even open to working
Part-time. I desire to work in the greater Orange County area (714, 949),
but I am "open" to Long Beach/South L.A. (562) and Pomona (909) areas.
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