Re: about interfacing fanuc oim enabled cnc with pro/e

Not too sure about that (without an extra co$$$$$t module). I know UG, and
Catia do.
Seems a little too "open" for PTC, (given their predatory businees
> >Vicky,
> >
> >It's not Pro that's incompatible. It's the post processor that generates the
> >machine (control) specific code. I don't know if Pro Manufacturing comes
> >with a "post constructor", I suspect it doesn't (PTC likes to wring every
> >available dollar out of their victims,,,uh,, I mean "customers") >
> IIRC It outputs "standard" ISO-4343 CLDATA code .... almost any generic
> post should work, if properly configured.
> Try posting to the pro-e Usenet group.
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> Cliff
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So does Pro/NC and has for at least a decade. In the Tools or Applications menu is a little utility function called G-POST. With it you can write machine/controller tailored post processors. It asks a series of questions (or did, last I looked) about the controller, how the machine operates, the machining envelope, lots of questions. Anyway, writing the post processor, getting the answers right, is the hard part, not getting the software to do it with.
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David Janes
Gpost has a macro language called FIl, which allows specific tailoring to custom commands and the like. It is built into gpost as well.
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