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Hi all,
> I'm looking to get into CAD as it seems the way to go these days. I
> just wondered which particular package(s) to look at. I'm primarily
> interested in the desinging and building of small,
> electrically-propelled, remote-controlled vehicles, so in addition to
> the usual CAD requirements of 3-D object manipulation, the s/ware
> needs to be pretty well developed for the modelling of drive systems;
> shafts, belts, pullys, chains, sprockets, etc., and the correct
> tensioning of chains and belts under load, how they interact with each
> other in use and so forth. So which programs should I be considering
> and are any of them available in trial versions for checking-out > purposes?
> Thanks,
> p.
Solidworks has a free personal training version. It is basically equivalent
to their commercial offering, but with limitations on filesharing, etc.
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95% of the functionality of Pro/E with 25% of the learning curve.
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you can use mechanical desktop 6 power pack , it includes simple fea tools. i mean if your designing simple stuffs you can get an idea its behaviour. the software includes a library of common metal sections available in commerce along with their properties
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I will just show you the market shares, from Top to Bottom (it reflects also, more or less, features, capabilities and costs) about 3D CADs: - UG & Catia - IDEAS & Pro-E - SolidWorks & Solid Edge - Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, Microstation.
Personally I suggest SolidWorks &/or Solid Edge: the best compromise.
Good luck!
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