Re: Ghost Part / Assemblies in Intralink

I have found this same issue. I just created actual ghost parts and assemblies which had the same name as the ghost parts or assemblies. I think I found I had to open pro through the workspace, and then go FILE NEW part or assy...I had to name the part or assy with the exact ghost's name. save, then just check it in to CS. You may want to later rename the ghosts with a "z" prefix so that it shows up at the bottom of your windows and is never in the way when cruising through directories/WS. Ghosts are dumb, and your parts don't have to be the actual original ghost parts.


> > Terrytubby wrote: > > > > > > Any help would be gratefully appreciated > > > > You have to set the following config-pro-options: > > cleanup_layout_dependencies yes > > cleanup_drawing_dependencies yes > > > > Look at: > >
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> But I think that this only works for layouts and drawings, not parts / > assemblies. Also we do not have Intralink so the above options are not > available. > (I have also loaded on the latest build datecode that we have and the > options are still not there) > > If it does work on parts/assemblies could you please let me know as I am > going to try and sort this out Monday and any info would be appreciated. > > Thanks > > Terry > >
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