RS Designer??

Any one used this or have an opinion on its ability??


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This is all I know about it as I've never used it:

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That said, it's a needs-based utility. If you don't need what it can do, = it's abilities are worthless. So, it might help if you told us what you = need it for. As the FAQ points out, though, if you have the Pro/ENGINEER = Piping and Cabling Extension license, you already have an RSD Lite = license to try out the functionality. If you don't even have the = Pro/ENGINEER Piping and Cabling Extension, you're a long way from being = able to use RSD which is almost a freebe based on existing cable harness = and physical, 3D cable routing. Without that, there's no RSD schematics. = The people where I work are still using ACAD for cable design and = schematics, at least partly because it beats the pants off Pro/DIAGRAM = and its lame drafting tools. Maybe you need PTC to demo some of this = stuff for you, so you have a clearer picture of what's involved and what = you're getting yourself into. Anyway, the FAQ should be of some help.

David Janes

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