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Hello, i'm new in Proe and i search some tutorial for Wildfire Thanks

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First, as abasic introduction to modelling and the Wildfireinterface, I don't recommend tutorials. Their scope is too limited. I have a tutorial, for example, if you want to learn the new Wildfire draft function (which is pretty slick, actually). But, for a beginner, you need a more comprehensive, systematic approach ~ you need a course, a basic course which guides you through the interface, the modelling perspective, design intent for engineers and designers, and basic modelling techniques plus an overview of what's available but not covered in technical detail. PTC has designed such courses. In fact, it has a series of such courses that you might find at any educational institution with an educational license. Begin at the beginning and have in mind, while taking the courses, things you want to design yourself.

Also, try a bookstore for current books on Wildfire. Gary Lamit has one that's supposed to cover the basics pretty thoroughly and intelligentlly. The Student Version of the software comes with a Roger Toogood tutorial on the basics of Wildfire that is good enough to get you started. Also, don't forget the User Area of the website with several tutorial intros to Wildfire. Also, another book to pay attention to is one by Randy Shih.

You really need something a little more comprehensive than the typical, narrowly focused tutorial.

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David Janes

David is correct, I've tried to learn ProE for months on my own. And I'm not new to the CAD world, it was like walking in a dark room.

I just finished a five day crash course with Rand Engineering

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and I can now actually use the software.


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Most definitely worth checking out if you have access (maint contract). In addition to the couple of (maybe more?) Wildfire tutorials there are numerous "Suggested Technique" articles (nearly 400 titles, though many are related to extensions) accessible thru the Knowledge Base that cover a lot of ground related to specific functions. Example files are included with most of them. Good reference if you get stumped on something basic and can't sort it out with the Help info.


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Jeff Howard

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