Tolerances changing!?!

We have some shaft drawings that were revised a couple of years ago and saved in our PDM system as image files. It was done probably in Wildfire2. We now realize that the tolerance went from, say,

5.000/4.997 to 5.002/4.999 in that revision. That revision was to simply add a note to the drawing and had nothing to do with dimensions or tolerances. Scary, I know.

I open these drawings today with Wildfire4 and the tolerance is back to 5.000/4.997 as it should be. So I don't know what happened.

Short of doing a bunch of forensics and reloading old versions/builds of Pro/E, does this sound familiar to anyone? We're not worried about the shaft drawings that have been discovered, rather, I hope that if this is a known bug we could track down other drawings with modified dimension tolerances.



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I haven't checked online for bug reports, but this reminds me of the "normal" screwiness that happens when PTC has changed the default operation of certain options or has added or removed options which before governed certain behaiors. However, limits getting shifted up by .002 is very odd. The only thing I know of that can generally do something like that is in the 'Edit>Setup' menu, a function called Dim Bound which can shift the tolerance to the high or low end of the limits, but not shift the limits themselves. At the same time, I've recently seen screwy stuff with dimensions and tolerances, just because the default tolerance standard got somehow switched from ANSI to ISO, truncating zeros from all dimensions. In other cases, dimensions got rounded to two decimals. But when the dimensions were highlighted in the drawing and 'Format>Decimal Places' was applied to make them 3 places, a truncated third place appeared. So, they hadn't been rounded, just truncated to 2 places and didn't require regen as they would if you changed them with Properties. Actually, some of those might have been soft dims. Yet others, when shown, had 4 places. Much of this I attribute to switching revs (WF2 to 3) and to carelessness with a file.

David Janes

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