WF 2.0 - Sheetmtl

Adding extrude or flat walled attached flanges: The defaults for adding these types of flanges are set for adding rads & mtl thickness to the od of the attachment edge and length of flange- Additionally, the defaults for adding these flanges dimension to the id of the flange which is not what I'd like to show as a dimension in a drawing in most cases

Looking to not add the rad and mtl to these lengths and the only way I've found to accomplish this is by "flipping" the defaults and entering sketcher to modify the length of the flange. In other words, would like to add flanges working w/ the OD's of the flange and attachment edges w/out changing the defaults like in previous versions - In general, is it common practice to factor an attachment edge and flange lengths as ID dimensions? Anyone have experience w/ this or know where detailed doc's on this can be found?

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