WF 2 Sheetmetal Extrude

Can sketch a .001" rad but not zero(not trying to regenerate a rad w/ a value
of zero, looking for a sharp corner less a rad) when adding an extruded flange.
This is a basic sketched profile and no reliefs are req'd- The fact that zero
rads flanges can be sketched as an unattached extruded wall but not as an
attached wall doesn't make sense
In other words, you can sketch the profile of a staircase and not include rads
at the corners and it will regenerate fine as an unattached extrude but you can
not add that same profile to an existing part as an attached extrude w/o adding
rads - This wasn't the case in previous versions
Also, w/o toggling the mat side, the first attachment edge adds the rad plus
the mat thickness - Normally when adding tabs/flanges to a sheetmetal part, the
attachment edge was created w/ the OD of the flange in mind not less the rad &
mat. (IMO) I know this is just a right to toggle the mtl side, but seems
unnecessary - previous builds defaulted to the od of the flange/edge of part
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