extrude wall no radius with out the line in wf2

Hi all,
in proe 2001 when create extrude wall no radius,
at the edge new wall attached to, do not have a line,
in wf2 i see the line,
any one know how to created new extrude wall no radius with out
the line at attached edge.
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In looking through the Help on sheetmetal, I found a lot of configurable items, more than I realized from looking casually through config.pro. One of those options is called merge_smt_srfs_without_seam. If you put this in config.pro and set it to yes, it should get rid of the seam you're seeing.
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David Janes
Thanks! David I will give it a try, I just find out that is the bug in wf2 ptc trying to fix it. I thing ptc just make it worst every time they released new version, henry
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