Sheetmetal in WF2 - extrude an attached wall?

Can I still extrude an attached wall?
It seems that the old extrude icon has been replace with Flange.
Then I looked in the icons under the sheetmetal toolbar and the old
extrude is there but greyed out. I drag it up and it says it's added
and that it will be shown at the proper time.
But it doesn't show up when I go back to my model.
I have an extruded first wall with 1" vertical flanges,
so basically a really wide U like this >>>> |_____|.
I want to add walls on the ends, "closing it off" and making it
have 4 walls.
I saw the functionality of WF2 sheetmetal and was excited.
I also thought I was pretty good at shheetmetal until WF2.
Any ideas? Running WF2 build M080.
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