What's New for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0

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Petri Kivela
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Gee, UG has issued a similar style What's New guide since about V13, 8 years ago. I am glad to see the PTC tech writers are have seen the light. Now we just have to wait for the software development team to find time to add new functionality enhancements, instead of cosmetic changes, to catch up to the competition. Oh wait, when PTC introduced Wildfire, they claimed it was 30% faster than SolidWorks. PTC doesn't see UG and CATIA as their competition anymore.

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Ben Loosli

I also find it interesting that the first new feature that they explain in this document is titled "Custom Loads". After my experience with Wildfire i would definitely consider it a "LOAD"!!!

--sign me "Disgruntled User"

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