Are all motors compatible with the NXT if you were to be using a breadboard?

I'm looking at getting the NXT because it seems like there are a lot of third
party accessories for it and that the possibilities are endless. I still have a
couple questions though. If i were to get a bread board and the bread board
adapter, like the one on dexter industries, would I be able to use any motor
like say a vex motor?
I said I was going with the NXT because of being able to expand and everything
and I plan on using RobotC to program, but if you would like to persuade me
towards another system like arduino or rasberry pi or VEX I will definetly
listen. However I've heard a lot about VEX not being compatible with other
sensors or motors.
I feel like I should mention the accessories I plan on expanding to in the
future that way you can tell me if the other systems will work or not.
- The NXTbee or Xbee
- dgps for mindstorm
- dcompass
- acceleration and rotation sensor
- dsoloar 4w
All of these can be found at
If you can't tell I'm pretty green to all this and that's why I think NXT is a
good place to start and grow. If you got any advice I'm all ears.
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