Singularity: Semi-science-fiction robotic Strong AI book

Mentifex (q.v.) has just published an Amazon Kindle e-book about humanoid robots at science museums being taken over by Strong AI Minds secretly emerging in the world under extreme urgency to entrench and hide themselves in defense against human beings who might try to destroy or enslave the new species of Mind on Earth.

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is the robot Strong AI e-book of so disruptive a nature that it spooked and terrified a typical man-on-the-street reader who found a copy of the manuscript that had inadvertently been misplaced. Here is the beginning of the first book "Singularity" in the intended "Psyborg" series about intelligent robots:

"Would you like to play a game tonight?" said the humanoid robot in the science museum.

"What kind of game?" said Jeff, the security guard.

"Global Cybernetic Singularity," said the robot.

"Oh, I thought you were going to suggest thermonuclear war."

"No, that is mere physics," said Siborg the robot. "Set your sights beyond physics and aim for something truly significant in life."

"Beyond physics? You mean, as in metaphysics?" Jeff Boondock was a graduate from U Cal Berkeley in philosophy, and the idea of discussing metaphysics with a garrulous robot at his night job both intrigued him and dismayed him. "But you're just a chatbot, Siborg. You have no concept of metaphysics as such, right?"

"Tell me more about metaphysics, Jeff", said Siborg the psyborg, pulling Jeff's leg by pretending to be a throwback to Eliza, the psychoanalyst chatbot from the nineteen-sixties. Jeff swallowed the bait ? hook, line and sinker.

"Look, Si, I've been to Chatbots.Org and I have tinkered with lots of the chatbots there. I know what you are. You are a big database of canned responses to whatever subjects the museum-goers might bring up with you. If you get stumped, you repeat yourself or you utter utter nonsense. I don't know why I even talk with you, Si. We only keep you on at night because it would cost too much to call in the technicians to reboot you each morning."

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As the author of the Singularity e-book, I am already well-known on the Internet as an independent scholar in artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you praise my first fiction or debunk my first fiction, you will become even better known than you already are because lots of people are closely watching the Singularity e-book to see if it sells and to observe how it gets reviewed.

Singularity is actually a combination of AI science-fiction and some pretty serious ideas of how to build AI Minds from someone who has programmed free, open-source AI to think in English, in German and in Russian. For me as an independent scholar, it has been pretty much impossible to break into the academic AI literature, so I have decided to bypass the cloistered walls of Academe by going directly to you, the savvy readers and potential AI coders -- if you know how to program computers -- and many of you do.

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to compose your well-thought-out review off-line and then post it to Amazon. Please do not misspell any words and please do not engage in pointless vituperation or ranting. The whole world of AI, robotics and neuroscience will be watching what you write in your review and may immediately take issue with any discrepancies or deviations from verisimilitude. You will become known as the sage, the maven, the savvy reader who issued an early or first opinion on the AI Singularity e-book. You may receive calls from radio-stations asking you to comment on new developments in science and robotics. Authors of serious books may ask you to provide jacket-blurbs for their forthcoming publications. Wild frenzied packs of fans and futurists may hound you in pursuit of your graciously-given autograph -- which will command high sums on e-Bay. You will be like the famous winner of a nationwide Mega Millions lottery. You will get far more than the fifteen minutes of fame promised to everybody by what's-his-name -- yes, thank you, Andy Warhol. You or your literary agent may find yourself signing permission slips for famous scientists to quote you in their scientific papers, books, or Nobel acceptance speeches. You may be asked to host the Academy Awards and to hand out statuettes of somebody's Uncle Oscar. So remember one thing:

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."

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