Building a Hero 2000 Robot

I would like to build a robot like the classic Hero 2000 robot and incorporate the newer technology of today into the new design.

Where does one go to see good closeups of the exterior and interior of the original Hero 2000?

Are there any of the original blueprints and design documentation available ON LINE?

I do know that Heathkit produced excellent documentation for this robot and having access to that would be ideal.

If you were building a modern day Hero 2000, how would you improve the original?

Are there any subassemblies (mechanical, keyboards, displays, etc.) that you are aware of that would be a good fit for rebuilding the Hero


Thanks for whatever suggestions you might be able to offer.


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"Too_Many_Tools" wrote in news:

Hero 2000 stuff, including manuals show up on Ebay from time to time

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The Hermit

If I were to improve the design I would mainly get rid of the primitive CPU boards and switch it with a low power 400Mhz ARM CPU with compact flash carts instead of the old EEPROMs and heavy floppy drive that HERO had. H2K had no voice recognition either so that would be added to the capability. Otherwise the base and arm are fine the way they are. Also those Whitebox robots kind of look like a HERO Jr. and are very configurable maybe look at those. They seem to be the most HERO like bots today.

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Check out

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as Mr. Doerr indicates that he bought the remaining stock of parts and documents from Mobile Ed Productions (a.k.a. MEP Robotics) who bought it from Heathkit [they were all located in Michigan]. The website doesn't appear to have been updated recently but you might try contacting them directly. MEP used to sell the manuals, etc. but there weren't enough spare parts to build complete robots :^(

Would be nice to see a modern (kit) version of the Hero!

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M Kennedy


I Am working on revisions to the website and hope to have a new Heathkit HERO section posted soon. We did acquire the remaining inventory of Heathkit HERO parts along with the rights to the line. There are many original and reproduction parts available for the HERO robots. New items are being added all the time and new options are becoming available. Many of the new options are available in kit form. This year should see a lot more activity and several new options for the HERO 2000 in particular. One of the most recent upgrades is a new ROM set (v1.6) for the HERO Jr which adds Y2K support so it can properly say the dates past 1999.

In regards to manuals we do offer the same copies that Mobile Ed had been providing but we are working to improve the quality of them and looking at protential ways of having them reprinted.

If anyone needs any HERO parts, upgrades, or repairs, let me know.

Best Regards,


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Check out
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as Mr. Doerr indicates that he bought the

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