Digital Servos - protocol question

I just got brand new digital servos.. However, they do not turn the desired 180 degrees. Mechanically the could, but the controller won't let them.

How do I set the range on those thingies? Does anyone have the specifics on the communication protocol?

I know that there are servo programmers out there, but do they all use the same commands? My servos do not have a matching programmer available.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Matthias Melcher
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all that mess, it's why i prefer to build my own, just like it was the

40's, but with chips instead of solid state.
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jim dorey

It might help if we knew the manufacturer/part numbers for the servos and the controller...

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D Herring

Hitec makes a programmer for their servos.

I would love to know the protocol though.

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