Example code in C for R/W data to EEPROM

Hello all,

i'm trying to write data into the EEPROM of the PIC 16f877A.

I use the CCS-Compler Version 3.219 and an 16f877a with 368kb memory.

as i want to use the eeprom to store static data i want write into and read from the eeprom. i used the "internal_eeprom.h" from ccs but with no result, i can't read an write anything.

can someone post some code example to read and write? do i have to use "#org"?

please help me!!

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Sorry, I can't help you with the code, as I am new to CCS C and programming. How about trying the CCS C users support forum?


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comus wrote:

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Dale Stewart

I tried some forums and also the CCS C forum but no codeexample is working.

I can write only in the first address of the fist bank of the eeprom.


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