Hexapod robot balance question


I am in the process of designing a hexapod robot for fun.

The problem I have is the following: I want be able to measure the load of each leg so I can stabilise the robot and divide the robot weight to all touch-down legs. Can you give me any hints on how I can do it?

I've thought of using a spring with a linear potentiometer at each leg, but what worries me is that the leg and consequently the whole body may oscillate due to the springs. On the other hand, using springs with greater spring constant (K) it may render them useless because they won't expand.

Are there any devices that can measure weight without match displacement of their mechanical parts?

Regards, Vangelis Rokas

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Yes. A load cell or strain guage. Do a google search for "strain guage robotics". You will find alot of useful information.


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