how to start project upon robot

hi, 2 months back i got through in an automation company.. i m an
electronics engineer but still have not done any robot related project.
i want to make somwhat humenoid robot. but this would b a big project
at start so i want to welcome your sugestion how to get start for this.
i have desided to use wheels for its motion.. automatic direction
control based upon senser signals.. there would be two arm with 3-6
degree of freedom.. it should have such power to hold an object of 2kg,
can move with object. can understand instruction..
1st with these things i want to start when this robot will start
working i will put other inteligent applications..
help me if u can..
yaa this would not be seeming to become as humanoid robot at this stage
but after geting success here i will progress for making it humanoid...
ok then
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working for dsp projects.
interference of dsp...
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humanoid as in a garbage can on wheels two robotic arms sticking out the side and a human looking silicon/wood/foam/insert material here head on top and a servo to move the mouth and eyelids or humanoid like C3P0 big difference for your first bot i highly recommend a metal box on wheels, forget about looks for the first one, try to get it to navigate a hallway and enter the right door trust me its much more doable and satisfying when its done than the humanoid that might get done in twenty years
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I *strongly* suggest building a small robot based on a simple microprocessor and only a couple of sensors.
You might even want to start with the Lego Mindstorms or the (former) Radio Shack VEX systems.
If you want to go your own, I suggest using a small base from Budget Robotics
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. Depending on your resources, there are several controllers you could get:
If you like C, you can get started with a simple PIC
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Also, if you like C you can go for an AVR system; I like the MAVRIC-IIB board, though if you know what you're doing you can build a system on a breadboard.
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If you're into Java, then I like the muvium chips
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are fairly inexpensive but his online store isn't really up to date with what he's really offering. Currently I'm building a simple robot on a wireless breadboard and a Budget Robotics base (the Octobot). I'm also finishing up a simple behavioral programming framework.
If you are into Forth, then look at the 'Pods from New Micros, Inc. They are truely great for motion control and I will be using one of their IsoPods and a couple of TinyPods in my larger robot, Groucho.
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Once you've built this basic robot and gotten it to do what you want it to do, you'll know if you want to continue in this crazy hobby, at a cost of under $300.
For your larger robot, I would suggest looking at the Leaf Project. Groucho will be a Leaf robot once I get finish my current article and have the time to put him together. These robots aren't humanoid, but they have solved many of the problems that you'll be facing.
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Good luck!
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D. Jay Newman
thanks for your sugestion.. if u r intrested to tell any more then plz... i m sure i got right people over here
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