K8055 After writing some code

Well, I have been (in my painfully limited) spare time, I managed to write
some Linux interface code for it, and it will soon be up on wither
mohawksoft.org or linuxpcrobot.org.
Some interesting issues, the digital input buttons are funky, you have to
map non-sequential bits to 1,2,3,4,5.
on some systems, usb_bulk_[read|write] works, and on some it does not.
It seems that the system can only read/write all the data at once, this has
two ramifications, (1) you have to keep all output saved because if you
change one thing, you change everything. (2) This isn't all bad, because
you can create a minor API under the Velleman API, that allows you to set
all your values, and update all at once. Same for read, read once, parse
out all the data.
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