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Hi All,

We've (VancouverIslandRobotics.org) been asked to take part in a local hobby fair, and everyone would like to offer a really simple kit for the folks who attend the fair to optionally build.

I really like the idea of David Cook's sandwich bots but after digging into it a bit deeper still seems like it'll cost around $40-$50 CDN which is a bit higher than we were hoping for. The biggest isue of course is decent motors at a decent price, so keeping the costs down for the other parts is paramount.

So, I'd like some links (yes I've been Googling for a couple of days) for strictly analog based bots, a line follower (like David's) and/or a maze solver (I have a single switch based one from tamiya:

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that I can copy, but was hoping for something slightly more complicated).

Any help is greatly appreciated. Steve

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head on down to the dollar store, rip apart some 1 dollar nosehair trimmers, they often work fine on 1.2v, and they may have other useful parts. the motors and pulleys from cassette decks, which you can also find dirt cheap can be used, and you have a belt for traction. if you provide a preprogrammed pic and some proto board you have the makings of a cheap, somewhat usable robot for 5-10 bucks. provide ir transistors and ir led's for line followers, microswitches for touch sensing, from a few ripped nosehair trimmers maybe, you got some decent stuff. for all analog you could use a few transistors. makes it 6-12 bucks with all options, if you buy quantity parts.

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