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Has anyone ever bought something at the online shop

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I bought 2 weeks ago a Pololu Serial 16-Servo Controller. I did not get it yet. I wrote a mail but got no answer. Since I'm starting to worry.

Are their serious ? Hope so.

If anyone has some comment about it let me know.

Thanks Tom

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Tom Dupont
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I've dealt with this site before, and they seem on the up-and-up. Since they are in the UK, and (by your e-mail) you're in Belgium, there might be some customs issues involved, or something. Try sending another e-mail. The owner's name is Justin Pinner.

-- Gordon

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Gordon McComb

I sent them an email 2 days ago, and got nothing back. Perhaps their email pipe is broken for some reason. All it takes is for spamcop or similar to block it.

Suggest you try phoning.


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Don McKenzie

Finally I got an email back telling me that the package was on the way. I only have to wait a bit to allow the delivery.

'll see

Bye Tom

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