[PC-A]<--->[Mobile Phone-A] <- - - - - - -> [Mobile Phone-B] <--->[PC-B]

I want to send and receive shot text (and if possible, binary) data
between two PCs.
The link between PCs will be low-cost off the shelf mobile phones (may
be from second hand stores).
[PC-A][Mobile Phone-A] [Mobile Phone-B] [PC-
In this configuration "[PC-A][Mobile Phone-A]" pair will be
stationary and the "[Mobile Phone-B] [PC-B]" pair will be mobile
in a car (ideally a mobile robot).
I do not have experience with the mobile phone interface and I would
like to ask expert technical advise on the following questions;
[*] Which (low-cost) brand/model phones have RS232 interface to
connect it to PC?
[*] Is it possible to use modem's AT command (or something similar)
to dial remote phone and send text (or binary message) directly, like
PC to PC modem connection?
] Or does the telephone exchange should store the message and
forward ot to destination when everit want?
Thank you for your help,
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Albert Goodwill
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I believe some of the old nokia phones do.
In the March and April 2007 issues of EPE magazine
formatting link
there is a construction project describing remote control of devices via SMS messages using a nokia phone whose RS232 port is interfaced to an ATMEL microcontroller.
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