PhD in Robotics - question about the future


Since I think about PhD studies I would like to ask you, as experts in robotics matter, about main trends connected with this domain.

Having been always interested in general comprehended computer engineering - main areas: embedded systems, microprocessor devices, information processing - control and decision-making, critical systems (reliability), etc. I decided to continue my education as researcher in such domain that could include mentioned issues.

It seems that that all mentioned solutions are connected with robotics - that is why I think about PhD in robotics matter.

Could you tell me please something about your predictions connected with that? What do you think about robotics future? Finally what do you think, generally, about robotics studying? - it will take me a couple of years so apart from my satisfaction from that I would like to know experts' opinion about possible employment market in the future.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards, SFP

P.S. In case of mails, please remove "_" from my e-mail address.

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